Down Around Super Standard Size Three Pillow Set and Pillow Protectors - Featured at Waldorf Astoria
When an icon of hotels such as Waldorf=Astoria ® changes the bedding it uses, you can be assured the change is to give customers the absolute finest experience possible. Waldorf=Astoria ® went to an equally prestigious bedding manufacturer, the Pacific Coast Feather Company ® and selected their finest line, the Down Surround ® Super Standard pillow for its amazing loft and support. The secret to the Down Surround ® Super Standard is a pillow in pillow design. An inner core of 95% feather gives the Down Surround ® unparallel support and cushion while a plush 75% down outer core provides maximum loft and soft comfort. The Down Surround ® truly is the best down feather pillow on the market today and with the stamp of approval from the Waldorf=Astoria ® Collection the popularity and use of the Down Surround ® will only grow larger. But the Waldorf=Astoria ® didn’t end there. To maximize the comfort and support they squeeze the 20” x 28” Down Surround ® into a standard size 20” x 26” pillow protector. Not only does this protect the Down Surround ® but it also creates an even loftier and slightly more supportive feel which makes this pillow ideal for any sleep position. Create a luxury suite of your own with the Down Surround ® Pillow featured at the Waldorf=Astoria ® and sleep well tonight! •Size: Super Standard Size 20” x 28” •Fill Power: 550 •Fill Type: Inner Chamber: 95% Duck Feather Outer Chamber: 75% Gray Goose Down •Fill Weight: 30 Ounces •Cover: 230 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover With Barrier Weave •Care: Recommends Only Dry Cleaning Down and Feather Products •Price Includes: 3 Super Standard Pillow and 3 Standard Pillow Protectors •Pillow Protector: 230 Thread Count 20” x 26” The Waldorf=Astoria ® trademark is the property of Hilton Hotels Inc ®; this trademark is not owned or licensed by The Waldorf=Astoria ® trademark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers of that the Down Surround Pillow sold by is the same pillow found at the Waldorf=Astoria ® property. The Down Surround Pillow is not manufactured by Hilton Hotels Inc ®.
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