Double Down Surround King Size Two Pillow Set - Featured in Many Ritz Carltons
Many guests staying at Ritz Carlton � properties expect the best and when they check into a Ritz Carlton � and are shown to their rooms, the first thing many guests do is examine the bedding. What they find is the top pillow from the Pacific Coast Feather Company �, the Double Down Surround � pillow. The Double Down Surround � pillow from Pacific Coast Feather � is a dual inner chamber pillow that has an outer layer of 75% down for the ultimate in comfort and support. The two inner chambers of the Double Down Surround � pillow are filled with 95% duck feather which is known for its soft support and lofting qualities. These two inner chambers are then wrapped in a layer of 75% goose down to provide luxury loft and feel that a Ritz Carlton � guests would expect when they lay their head on a pillow at night. The amazing Pacific Coast Feather � Barrier Weave � 230 thread count 100% cotton cover also means that down and feather remain in the pillow not leaking that may occur with other lesser down/feather pillows. Many Ritz Carlton � locations use the Double Down Surround � exclusively in their properties. Upgrade your bedding with the Ritz Carlton � touch tonight with the Pacific Coast Feather � Double Down Surround � pillow and feel the difference tonight! �Size: King 20� x 36� �Cover: 230 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover �Care: Recommends Dry Cleaning Only for Down and Feather Products �Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty �Price Includes: 2 King Pillows The Ritz Carlton � mark is owned by Ritz Carlton Hotels International, Inc.; this trademark is not owned or licensed by The Ritz Carlton � mark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Pacific Coast � Double Down Surround � Pillows sold by is the same down pillow found in many Ritz Carlton � properties. The Pacific Coast � Double Down Surround � Pillow is not manufactured by Ritz Carlton �.
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