Down Etc. Rhapsody Wrap Down/Feather King Pillow- Featured in Hotel ZAZA
Guests at the Hotel ZAZA ® expect the best and nothing else, an expectation the Hotel ZAZA ® regularly delivers on and more often than not exceeds the customers wildest dreams. When it comes to the bedding used that expectation for comfort is surpassed by an equally generous amount of support with the Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow. Down Etc. ® set out to deliver the best pillow possible with the highest grade material keeping the Hotel ZAZA customers to be in mind while they did. This means that the Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow is made from white goose down, which is the highest possible grade and quality goose down and feather available. But Down Etc. ® was not content with just a standard mix and fill, instead they sought to create the ultimate pillow, in or the case of the Down Rhapsody, the ultimate pillow in pillow. The Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow starts with an inner pillow of 95% White Goose Feather and 5% White Goose Down. This blend ensures a supportive core for neck and spines and the small amount of down keeps the inner pillow lofty and not feeling overly firm. With that pillow in place, Down Etc. wrapped the feather pillow in a second pillow of 70% White Goose Down and 30% White Goose Feather. This second, outer pillow means the Down Warp ® achieves maximum loft and soft comfort as you lay your head on the pillow while the 30% white goose feather provides some added support. With these factors combined it is no wonder the Down Etc. © Rhapsody Wrap Pillow was selected as the pillow to represent the Hotel ZAZA ® and can still be found after years of use. Trust in the support and comfort that Down Etc. ® provides and update your bedding with the flare of the Hotel ZAZA ® tonight! The Down Etc. ® Down Rhapsody Pillow Featured in Hotel ZAZA ® Specifications:
  • Composition: Inner core of 95% White Goose Feathers / 5% White Goose Down Clusters Wrapped by 30% White Goose Down Clusters / 70% White Goose Feathers (Outer Core)
  • Cover: 100% Cotton
  • Fill Power: 520
  • Fill Weight: 51 Ounces
  • Size: King 20” x 36”
  • Price Includes: 1 King Pillow
  • Care: Recommends Only Dry Cleaning Down and Feather Products The Hotel ZAZA ® mark is owned by ZAZA Resorts, Inc.; this trademark is not owned or licensed by The Hotel ZAZA ® mark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Down Etc. Down Rhapsody ® Pillows sold by is the same pillow found in many Hotel ZAZA Hotel ® properties. The Down Etc. Down Rhapsody ® Pillow is not manufactured by Hotel ZAZA Resorts ®.
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