Down Etc. ® Down Wrap Queen Pillow- Featured at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas (3 Queen Pillows)
Guests at the Mandalay Bay Hotel ® in Las Vegas are often awed at the size of the hotel and the luxury of its many suites. For those fortunate to stay in them they are rewarded with a sleep experience that has no rival on the Las Vegas strip in the Down Etc. ® Down Wrap ® pillow. What makes the Down Wrap ® by Down Etc. ® pillow so luxurious is the pillow in pillow design which offers the support and comfort of white goose down which is what guests at the Mandalay Bay would expect. The Down Wrap ® by Down Etc. ® begins with an outer 70% White Goose Down 30% White Goose Feather that gives maximum loft to the pillow and gives every Mandalay Bay ® guest the feeling of sinking slowly into comfort. But the Down Wrap ® by Down Etc. ® pillow doesn’t stop there, to keep continuous neck and spine support through the night, a second 95% white goose feather 5% white goose down inner pillow makes sure that your head is cradled all night long so when you wake up, you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. If you are fortunate enough to be at the Mandalay Bay ® Hotel then you know the feeling when you wake up on a Down Wrap ® Pillow. Upgrade your bedding tonight with the flair of the Mandalay Bay ® Hotel and the Down Wrap ® by Down etc! The Down Etc. Down Wrap ® as Featured in the Mandalay Bay ® Hotel Las Vegas Specifications: •Composition: Inner core of 95% White Goose Feathers / 5% White Goose Down Clusters Wrapped by 30% White Goose Down Clusters / 70% White Goose Feathers (Outer Core) •Cover: 100% Cotton •Fill Power: 520 •Fill Weight: 41.5 Ounces •Size: Queen 20” x 30” •Price Includes: Three (3) Queen Pillows •Care: Recommends Only Dry Cleaning Down and Feather Products The Mandalay Bay ® mark is owned by MGM Mirage Inc.; this trademark is not owned or licensed by The Mandalay Bay ® mark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Down Etc. Down Wrap ® Pillows sold by is the same pillow found in Mandalay Bay Hotel ® properties. The Down Etc. Down Wrap ® Pillow is not manufactured by MGM Mirage Inc ®.
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