Invista ®Comforel Standard Size Four Pillow Set - Featured in Many Best Western Hotels
Supportive comfort seems like a difficult term when creating pillows but DuPont Invista ® did just that when they created the Comforel ® pillow. It’s also a reason why so many Best Western ® Hotels use the Comforel ® pillow. DuPont Invista ® used a brand new blend of synthetic polyester which gives the Comforel ® pillow the support that people expect in a synthetic pillow, but the Comforel ® exceeds expectations with the amount of soft feel that the same fiber provides. Many Best Western ® Hotels have come to rely on the DuPont Invista ® Comforel ® for the above reasons as well as the durability and low maintenance that DuPont Invista ® is also known for. It is as easy as tossing the Comforel ® pillow in with the wash and tumble drying on low heat to keep that same soft feel night after night and year after year. The DuPont Invista ® Comforel ® pillow is also 100% hypoallergenic so you can breathe easier knowing that your pillow isn’t keeping you from a sound rest. It is no wonder that Best Western ® customers sleep easily through the night even after the longest travel or work days. DuPont Invista ® Comforel ® Pillow Specifications: •Price Includes: 4 Standard Pillows •Size: 20” x 26” •Fill Weight: 18 Ounces •Fill Type: 100% Polyester Fiber •Cover Material: 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count •Design: Medium Support for all Sleep Profiles The Best Western ® trademark is not owned by It is used on this website for informational purposes to inform our customers that the DuPont Invista ® Comforel ® Pillows are the same pillows featured in many Best Western ® Hotels. The DuPont Invista ® Comforel ® pillow is manufactured by DuPont Invista ®. The DuPont Invista ® Comforel ® pillow is not manufactured by Best Western ®.
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