Encompass ® 50% Down 50% Feather Queen Pillow (4 Queen Pillows)
With origins tracing back to 1777, yes that is not a typo, the Intercontinental Hotels Group has locations around the world and continues to evolve and change as travel habits and guest orientation changes. The flagship line of IHG is the Intercontinental Hotel, which are located all over the world and offer services and comforts that have been refined in IHG's over 200 years of expertise. The bedding too has been changed to maximize comfort and to make sure that guests truly can't wait to get back to their room or even make return reservations. This is thanks to the Encompass ® 50% Feather 50% Down pillows. The Encompass ® 50% Feather 50% Down pillow is the perfect blend of soft, lofty down and supportive feather. The pillows comfortable feel is on par with the timeless idea of down & feather pillows and will make sure you fall asleep quickly and are supported perfectly all night long. Give your bed a makeover that was over 200 years in the making with the Encompass ® 50% Feather 50% Down pillow tonight! Encompass 50% Feather 50% Down Pillow Specifications:
  • Size: Queen Size 20” x 30”
  • Fill: 50% Goose Feather 50% Goose Down
  • Cover: 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count
  • Care: HotelPillow.com Recommends Only Dry Cleaning for Feather and Down Products
  • Price Includes: 4 Queen Pillows The Intercontinental Hotel ® trademark is the property of IHG Resorts ®; this trademark is not owned or licensed by HotelPillow.com. The Intercontinental Hotel ® trademark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers of HotelPillow.com that the 50/50 Encompass Pillow sold by HotelPillow.com is the same pillow found at the Intercontinental Hotel ® property. The 50/50 Encompass Pillow is not manufactured by IHG Resorts ®.
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