Holiday Inn Express ® Touch of Down Soft Support Pillow (Queen Size)
For guests who prefer a feather and down pillow, many Holiday Inn Express ® locations offer the Touch of Down pillows. These pillows feature a pillow-in-pillow design that marries both soft comfort and support, making them perfect for stomach and back sleepers. Dream away on the Touch of Down pillow tonight! Specifications:
  • Manufactured by: Pacific Coast Feather Company ®
  • Inner Chamber: Hyperclean ® Duck Feather and Down
  • Outer Chamber: Minimum of 75% Hyperclean ® Down
  • Fabric: 230 thread count, 100 % Cotton with Barrier Weave ™ Fabric
  • Features: Soft to Medium-Soft
  • Size: Queen (20 in x 30 in)
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