N95 Respirator Masks - 1500 Pack

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Shipping Status: In Stock and Shipping Within 1 Business Day Looking for a face mask? The N95 Face Mask is perfect for any situation. They have 5 layers of protection with a comfortable lining and folding ability. Contact our customer service team at sleepbetter@pillows.com or call us at 1-800-720-6973 if you have any questions or need help determining which mask would be perfect for you! Specifications and Description - N95 Respirator Mask with Individual Packaging
  • Meets or exceeds the North American standards and FPP2 European Union filtration standards.
  • Five layers of protection.
  • Non-woven protective layer.
  • Filtering material that allows the mask to have a Filter Protection ≥ 95%.
  • Comfortable lining and folding ability.
  • Efficient particle filtration.
  • Flexible metal nose bridge to adjust and secure mask.
  • Tight fitting seal.
  • Performance Standard: GB 2626-2006.
  • Manufactured at an FDA and European Union registered factory.
  • Independently tested.
  • Individually packaged in retail packaging.
  • FDA certificate, CE certificate, export license, business license and EU certificate available on request.
  • Includes 1500 masks. Price Disclaimer: The demand for these products is incredible across the world, which is causing unprecedented costs for these products. Pricing has increased because: 1) the raw materials these masks are made out of are in short supply and the KN95 / N95 respirator manufacturers are bidding against each other just to be able to make the masks, 2) the need for these products is urgent, air freight is being used vice ocean freight to get these to the United States, and 3) due the cancellation of most international flights air freight is at least four times the cost it was prior to this crisis. LEGAL DISCLAIMER These Respirator Masks are manufactured in our certified partner factory. Our staff member visited the factory to conduct quality control on the masks we are importing and the masks from this factory have been independently tested. Pillows.com is selling Respirator Masks for personal, construction and industrial use. HotelPillows.com is not marketing them for medical use and HotelPillows.com is not responsible for any introduction of these masks into any medical system.
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