Pacific Coast ® Touch Of Down Queen Pillow- Found in Many Hampton Inn Hotel Properties (2 Queen Pillows)
When a customer checks into many Hampton Inn ® Hotel locations they have high expectations for their room. A comfortable bed is almost always the top priority and customers are not disappointed when they lay their heads down on the Touch of Down ® Pillow by Pacific Coast Feather. The Touch of Down ® pillow that is found in many Hampton Inn ® hotel locations starts with an inner core of 95% feather. This inner pillow gives the Touch of Down ® pillow its structure and support which is pivotal in providing all night head and neck support. But where most companies would call the pillow complete, Pacific Coast Feather ® took another step and built a second pillow of 75% down and wrapped that feather core to give the Touch of Down ® pillow unrivaled loft and soft comfort. The medium support that results in the Touch of Down ® Pillow makes it ideal for any sleep position and the reason it is such a popular item to be used in many Hampton Inn ® locations because it suits so many different types of customers. Also allergy concerns are kept to a minimum because of Pacific Coast Feathers ® exclusive Hyper-Clean process which removes potential allergens and dander before the Touch of Down ® pillow is manufactured. This way anyone and everyone can enjoy the Pacific Coast Feather Touch of Down ® pillow! Give your room a Hampton Inn ® makeover with the Pacific Coast ® Touch of Down ® pillow and sleep better tonight! Pacific Coast Feather Co. ® Touch of Down ® Pillow Found in Many Hampton Inn ® Hotels Specifications:
  • Size: Queen 20” x 30”
  • Fill: Outer 75% Grey Goose Down Inner Duck Feather & Duck Down
  • Cover: 230 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Care: Recommends Only Dry Cleaning Feather and Down Products
  • Price Includes: 2 Queen Pillows The Hampton Inn ® mark is owned by Hilton Hotels Inc.; this trademark is not owned or licensed by The Hampton Inn Hotels ® mark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Pacific Coast Touch of Down ® Pillows sold by is the same down pillow found in many Hampton Inn ® properties. The Pacific Coast Touch of Down ® Pillow is not manufactured by Hampton Inn ®.
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