Pacific Coast ® Touch of Down Queen Pillow- Found in Many Wyndham Hotels (2 Queen Pillows)
When staying at a hotel such as Wyndham, guests expect touches of luxury. From top quality amenities and floor plans, down to the shampoo in the shower, Wyndham knows that to make a guest a customer for life you go that extra mile. Which is why the bedding is the most important aspect of a Wyndham hotel room and the Touch of Down Pillow by Pacific Coast Feather doesn’t disappoint. An inner chamber of duck feather and a separate outer chamber of premium goose down make this pillow amazingly soft but with an inner support that won’t break down through the course of an evening. See what it feels like to be a Wyndham VIP by upgrading your pillows to the Touch of Down today. Pacific Coast Feather Touch of Down Pillow Found in Many Wyndham Hotels Specifications:
  • Size: Queen 20” x 30”
  • Contents: Inner Chamber Minimum 83% duck feather, Outer Chamber Minimum 75% Gray Goose Down
  • Cover: 230 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover
  • Care: Recommends Dry Cleaning Only for Down and Feather Products
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Price Includes: 2 Queen Pillows The Wyndham ® mark is owned by Wyndham Worldwide, Inc.; this trademark is not owned or licensed by The Wyndham ® mark is used on this website for descriptive purposes to inform customers that the Pacific Coast ® Touch of Down ® Pillows sold by is the same down pillow found in many Wyndham ® properties. The Pacific Coast ® Touch of Down ® Pillow is not manufactured by Wyndham Worldwide, Inc ®.
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